About Us

Our Goal

SpokenMed recognizes that the current system of American medical care can be at odds with different races, cultures, religious beliefs, and identities. SpokenMed aims to minimize this tension in order to increase medical care accessibility, patient experience, and improve health outcomes.

Our Solution

SpokenMed provides a public forum where community members can submit questions, post information, or share direct links about a broad range of medical topics. SpokenMed also features professional contributors, including medical doctors and thought leaders from various backgrounds, identities, cultures, and religions.

SpokenMed creates a safe medium where people who have apprehensions about medicine can log on to ask questions and voice their frustrations as well as seek solutions. It is also intended for healthcare providers who themselves want to become more familiar with different cultures, traditions, and religious beliefs in order to enhance their medical practice.

Meet The Team

Joyce Guo

Joyce Guo attends Yale University and is from Cleveland, Ohio. She has done extensive work in hospital settings and currently studies the effects of a humanities-based curriculum for second-year residents. Joyce is a passionate public health student and hopes to utilize technology and software to increase health care accessibility for at risk groups in America. Joyce has conducted a four-year research project in the Physics Lab Department at CWRU.

Tiwa Lawal

Tiwa Lawal attends Yale University and is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is very interested in global and public health, especially how inequities found throughout the population can alter the health of groups and individuals. She works with senators and local politicians to implement global health and public health initiatives. Tiwa speaks Spanish and is proficient in French, which helps her communicate with a wide range of people.

Dhiksha Balaji

Dhiksha Balaji attends Yale University and is from Cleveland, Ohio. She is very interested in health disparities. She is passionate about various factors that affect health seeking behavior and access to care. She wants to tackle pressing public health issues and hopes to help aid in a solution to alleviate disparities. She is involved with HAVEN Free Clinic. As a team member, Dhiksha provides knowledge on computer science.